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Sunday Link-A-Mania

Han Solo soap; The Darkest Hour ; yet another Philip K Dick-inspired film; Pay The Ghost

Do Not Adjust Your Set
Coming Soon has two pics from the upcoming Philip K Dick-inspired The Adjustment Bureau , starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. Written and directed by first-time director George Nolfi (he's previously been a script writer on such films as The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s Twelve) , it’s about a US Senatorial candidate who has glimpse of the future and has to fight against the powers of fate.

Last House Director Will Pay The Ghost
Dennis Iliadis, director the Last House On The Left remake, has signed up to helm Pay The Ghost , a supernatural thriller based on a short story by Tim Lebbon, reports Variety . The story kicks off on Halloween night, when a couple’s young son is mysteriously abducted. A year later, they begin to sense his presence in frightening ways. A string of terrifying clues draws them to search for the boy throughout New York, where they uncover ancient secrets and discover a vicious, vengeful spirit.

Hirsch’s Hour
Emile ( Speed Racer ) Hirsch has joined the cast of The Darkest Hour , the alien invasion flick set in Moscow that is being produced by Timur ( Day Watch ) Bekmambetov, according to Variety . He joins Juno actress Olivia Thirlby. The film is now being described as like 28 Days Later .

Han Solo In Carbonite Soap
Go on, admit it… you want some .