Sundance Update: Snow sold and Soderbergh sneaks

Norwegian Nazi zombie horror Dead Snow was among the films sold at the Sundance Film Festival this Wednesday in what some jokers are already calling a “blizzard” of film deals.

Bad puns aside, IFC Films nabbed the film for an undisclosed sum.

There was a surprise as Steven Soderbergh brought a working digital video version of his new movie, The girlfriend Experience, which stars porn actress Sasha Grey as a call girl who offers far more than just casual paid sex. It’s getting healthy praise from critics (the film, that is, not the sex).

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The most controversial event so far – in a decidedly tepid Sundance – happened when Variety film critic John Anderson took matters into his own hands (well, fists) over the documentary Dirt.

Seems one of the producer’s representatives, none other than Jeff “The Dude” Dowd – tried to keep on pushing the film to him when Anderson had already told him that A) he didn’t like it and B) he really didn’t want to keep discussing it.

It ended up with Anderson punching Dowd in the face. Twice. And they say film critics aren’t action heroes.

[Source: Cinematical / Variety]

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