Suikoden 1 and 2 remasters bring the old JRPGs to new players next year

(Image credit: Konami)

Two of the most influential and fondly-remembered JPRGs ever made are being remastered for a new audience next year.

Earlier today on September 16, Konami announced Suikoden 1&2 HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars at the Tokyo Game Show. The remastered collection, which bundles together the first two games in the Suikoden series, is launching next year in 2023 across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Simply put, this isn't technically a remaster of the original two Suikoden games. Konami is actually remastering Genso Suikoden 1&2, itself a remaster of the original two games, which was only ever released for PSP in Japan back in 2006. The collection would never receive an English localization, leaving fans to try and puzzle their way through the collection.

So not only is this a remaster of two incredibly influential JRPGs for a brand new modern gaming audience across PC and consoles alike, but it's also a remaster of a remaster, for a collection that never even saw a release outside of Japan. All things considered, this is a massive win for not only Suikoden fans, but anyone looking to see what all the fuss is about.

For a brief recap of the first two games in the series, Suikoden was originally released in 1995 in Japan for PC and the Sega Saturn, and Suikoden 2 arrived just three years later, ditching a launch on the Sega Saturn for PC exclusivity. The last mainline Suikoden launch was Suikoden 5 all the way back in 2006, exclusively for the PS2. For Suikoden fans, this remastered collection has been a long time coming.

Meanwhile, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is still in development, from a few of the lead creatives of the original Suikoden games. 

Hirun Cryer

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