Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer may have confirmed the movie's OTHER big bad

As a living, breathing human being reading these words, it's impossible for you to have not heard about Suicide Squad. DC's group of villainous comic book scamps, roped together by Amanda Waller to try and make the best of their bad situations have been... well, everywhere recently. And yet? We just can't get enough. Warner Bros. knows this, and opted to tease us moreso than ever before with its San Diego Comic Con trailer: 

Nothing new, right? Not so fast there. For the most part it treads over similar territory from previous trailers; gang of supervillains go up against another villain, one-liners galore, fight sequences, and Jared Leto doing maniacal like no other. However, there's a couple of moments that confirm the early rumors that Goliath is the gang's other adversary. 

As Will Smith said himself during the team's Hall H panel: "This isn't a movie about good vs. evil, this is a movie about bad vs. evil." 

Directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Joel Kinnaman, Suicide Squad will open in the UK and US on August 5, 2016. 

Images: Warner Bros. 

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Gem Seddon

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