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Success for Brain Training

Thursday 10 August 2006
Nintendo has achieved another significant DS success as Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? has managed to shift half a million copies in Europe.

The DS game is comprised of a series of brain toning exercises devised by the renowned Japanese neuroscientist Dr Ryuta Kawashima. The idea is to spend 10 minutes a day energising the brain and soon you'll be as smart as Arnold Einstein.

The promise of getting smarter has tempted 500,000 previously thick Europeans into buying it, which is remarkable as the game was only launched nine weeks ago. It took 16 weeks for the game to reach those sales figures in Japan.

It seems a lot of gamers have chosen to play Brain Training on DS Lite as Nintendo has reported sales of 140,000 for the new design, since its 23 June European launch.