Stunning new Tekken 5 screens unveiled

Namco have released a slew of new shots of Tekken 5, the latest game in the classic beat-'em-up series. The roster of 31 characters so far includes Bruce Irvin, Anna Williams, Eddy Gordo plus an as-yet-unnamed sumo wrestler. Other new characters include Raven, who specialises in kicks; Asuka Kazama, a female related to Jun; and kung fu exponent Feng Wei.

As you can tell by these shots, the gameplay focus is on over-the-top attacks, with less of Tekken 4's realism-based moves. There's also talk of a Tekken Tag-style team mode. Perhaps better still, though, is news of a buffer that allows you to input moves while performing another move.

The arcade version of Tekken 5 will be out this autumn while the PS2-exclusive console version will hit shelves in 2005