Street Fighter 6 fans hornyposting like no tomorrow after Cammy's reveal

Street Fighter 6
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Street Fighter 6 finally unveiled its redesigned Cammy yesterday, and fans are in an absolute state over the character's overhaul.

Yesterday on February 23, Street Fighter 6 debuted an extensive new trailer at the PlayStation State of Play showcase, featuring Cammy, Zangief, and newcomer Lily. It's that first character though, with her overhauled outfit, that has long-time Street Fighter fans absolutely losing it.

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Street Fighter 6's Cammy actually has more clothes on now, compared to her past appearances (to have any less would be quite the feat), but that doesn't mean the horny posts are slowing down. In fact, the exact opposite has happened, where plenty of fans are now declaring Cammy to be even hotter.

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Cammy rounds out the holy trinity of characters that have somehow got hotter with more clothes on, as the posts above and below attest to. Perhaps Capcom wanted fans thirsting over Cammy a little less with the character's redesigned outfit, but if they did, those plans unfortunately aren't coming to fruition.

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In actual fact, Cammy's redesigned look leaked online late last year, giving players a pretty good idea of what to expect from not just her, but Street Fighter 6's character roster at launch. The delinquents here actually knew what was coming for Cammy, but that still hasn't stopped them having a meltdown.

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Cammy is surely going to be one of the more popular Street Fighter 6 characters come launch. We haven't seen this fervour for any of the other characters revealed for the new fighting game so far, and the only pair that have even come close to this are Chun-Li and Juri, somewhat predictably. 

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Street Fighter 6 launches later this year on June 2, coming to PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S. People really are going rabid over Capcom's new game, even though we're the better part of half a year away from its final launch.

Check out our full Street Fighter 6 characters guide for a complete look at what to expect from the fighting game's launch roster. 

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