You can KO people with snot in Street Fighter 5

You know what they say: you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but in the world of Street Fighter 5, doing the latter might kill a man. That's what happened this weekend in a match between MDZ Ricky, playing as Birdie, and an unfortunate soul playing as Ryu. You can see the one-snot kill below:

So what just happened? After taking a beating from Birdie to the point that Ryu had virtually no health left, the two fighters remained still, allowing their idle animations to kick in. While most idle animations feature characters flexing or getting into a fighting stance (or if you're Sonic the Hedgehog, tapping your foot), Birdie's idle has him pick and flick a booger that does a small amount of damage when it hits. It's not meant to be a serious offensive maneuver, but it makes for one hell of a fun knockout.

Rest in peace, Ryu. You'll win plenty of fights in the future, but alas, 'twas snot this time.

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Sam Prell

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