Strategic roguelike Loop Hero is brand new and very popular

Loop Hero
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Loop Hero may have launched yesterday, but it already has 150,000 on Steam, according to a Tweet from developer Four Quarters. 

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Loop Hero is a deck-building roguelike where you play as a lone hero in a post-apocalyptic world stuck in an infinite loop thanks to a malevolent Lich. We've some Loop Hero tips here to explain things in detail, but the basics are this: your job is to rebuild the world around this hero, laying out the path he must follow, with each trip through the Loop getting increasingly difficult. Unlock and expand your deck of cards in order to place enemies, buildings, and terrains along your hero's path, and hopefully make the poor guy's life a little easier. 

It's clear that the game is resonating with players, with a large day one player base, and a 95% positive rate out of over 1,000 reviews. Maybe it's resonating so well because many of us feel like we're already living our lives in a loop thanks to quarantine, and it feels nice to have some agency for a change. After all, your hero still has to do a handful of redundant tasks, like slaying slimes and grabbing loot - but in this world, a Flesh Golum can come stomping out of a Blood Grove and eat you at any moment as Vice's Gita Jackson points out. Now that's certainly a change of pace.

Loop Hero is available on PC via Steam and is currently 15% off, so you only need to spend $12.74 to step into the Loop. If this sounds like something that interests you, you may want to jump on the purchase now while it's on sale, otherwise, full price is $14.99.

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