Stranger Than Fiction trailer hits

While the world is waiting for Will Ferrell’s no-doubt classic turn as the ever-so-slightly dumb NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby, the trailer for a slightly more subtle comedy has hit the web.

Stranger Than Fiction sees Ferrell playing Harold Crick, an everyday fella who suddenly starts to hear a voice in his head, narrating his every move.

Little does he know but he’s actually a character in the novel of a struggling author, Kay Eiffel, played by Emma Thompson and she’s planning on bumping him off.

Crick has to try and find Eiffel before she kills him and convince her he’s a real person, rather than a complete basket case.

Monster’s Ball/ Finding Neverland helmer Marc Forster is in the big chair, working from a script by newbie key-tapper Zach Helm and barking orders at a supporting cast including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman and Queen Latifah.

Stranger Than Fiction arrives on these shores on 1 December.