Straightheads review

Anal rape with a hunting rifle! Gillian Anderson’s nipples! Danny Dyer wanking! Make no mistake: this lo-fi rape-revenge Brit flick wants to shock you. Anderson stars as a high-flying city exec, raped while out in the woods with bit of rough boyfriend (Danny facking Dyer). Before you can shout Outlaw, the odd couple are looking for vengeance, tooling up with a rifle conveniently left by Alice’s dead dad (“He was a soldier, he didn’t believe in turning the other cheek”). An anorexic 79 minutes doesn’t leave much time for niceties and although writer-director Dan Reed delivers a harrowing gang rape, he turns in a risible revenge. Dyer gets stuck with a Jack Sparrow eye-patch while Anderson gaffer-tapes the bloke who raped her to a kitchen table and stabs him up the Khyber Pass with a rifle barrel. It’s less I Spit..., more I Piss Myself Laughing On Your Grave.

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