Straight shooting

Got an idea for a film? Fancy competing for a chance to show your short at Cannes or Raindance, rather than just to your Mum and her bingo buddies? Then read on.

The idea is simple: once you’ve registered, take a camera and shoot your short using one cartridge of Super 8 film. No editing; no post-production.

For the past six years straight 8 short films have been shown at numerous film festivals, with material submitted by entrants such as Shaun Of The Dead co-writer Edgar Wright .

Here’s what the people at straight 8 had to say about last year's competition:

“2005 saw 117 films entered from all around the world. Six awesome films made it to Cannes and many more were shown at other straight 8 screenings at prestigious festivals such as The Raindance Film Festival, The Rushes Soho Shorts Festival and straight 8 'art' at London's 291 Gallery. These additional screenings are lined up again for 2006 and many more are still being confirmed including San Francisco and Tokyo, plus a further screening in Cannes at The Lions Advertising Festival in June.

The deadline is mid February 2006 and it costs £65 to enter. If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, click here for more info.

Source: ( Straight 8 )