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Stjepan Šejić announces DC exit for creator-owned comics

(Image credit: Stjepan Šejić)

Harleen writer/artist Stjepan Šejić has announced his intention to leave DC and work-for-hire-comics entirely to focus on creator-owned comics full-time.

"Tomorrow I complete my last pages in the standard comic industry, and then moving my ass into the glorious world of webcomics," Šejić tweeted last week. "I'll still publish my stuff in print once done through Top Cow of course, but I think I'll spend the last few creative decades of my life having fun :)"

(Image credit: Stjepan Šejić)
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The day after, the writer/artist remained true to that sentiment, writing "and so my work with the comic industry is completed. The remaining few decades if I got them in me, I'll be doing my own stuff and making a metric fuckton of webcomics. you are all free to join me. they will all be printed eventually but as graphic novels only."

Šejić got his start at Top Cow, and while at DC has continued doing creator-owned webcomics on the side such as Death Vigil and Sunstone, which were later collected as OGNs by Top Cow. He also runs a successful Patreon page.

Back in February, Šejić told Newsarama that he had several DC projects planned imminently.

"My plan is to produce Isley before the second Harleen story arc. My reasoning is two-fold," Šejić said. "First, I have a very cool story to tell about Harleen’s version of Poison Ivy. A truly epic tale that will be both a visual and a narrative joy. If Harleen was more of a psychological thriller. This one will be more of a blockbuster with a lot of heart.

"The second reason is, I want people to truly understand the actual glorious mess that Poison Ivy is. It plays into her evolving relationship with Harley and really fleshes out her motivations."

It hasn't been announced if any of those is the project Šejić refers to in these tweets.

Chris Arrant
Chris Arrant

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