Steven Spielberg accepts the blame for "nuking the fridge"

Steven Spielberg has spoken out about the infamous fridge sequence in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull , holidng his hands up and accepting responsibility for the controversial scene.

Speaking at a special screening of Raiders Of The Lost Ark in LA, Spielberg acknowledged the widespread hate for that particular scene, and admitted it was entirely his idea.

"I know in Indy 4 , you didn’t buy the refrigerator and the atomic bomb," began Spielberg. "I know! I know! But we tried. We tried! I was pushing the envelope...

"By the way, I take full responsibility for that," he continues. "That was completely my idea. Even Harrison said to me, ‘nobody is going to buy this!’"

With George Lucas having previously accepted responsibility for the scene, we don't really know what to think. What we would say is that it seems unlikely that Spielberg will be introducing any special screenings of Crystal Skull any time soon...

George Wales

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