Steven Lisberger cracks the Soul Code

The time post-Tron hasn’t exactly been kind to writer/director Steven Lisberger. While the movie itself became a cult hit, his career lightcycle struck something of a wall after directing John Cusack in Hot Pursuit and the dodgy sci fi flick Slipstream.

He’s stuck to writing and running the CG company he created to help make Tron for years – but nothing has caught the interest of Hollywood, with even a sequel to the computer game epic stalling in development hell.

Now he might finally be back behind the megaphone, after writing Soul Code at the urging of web guru Jessica Chobot. It took a chance meeting at a Tron screening for the pair to dream up an idea about a tech genius who invents a way to download a person’s memory and transfer it to someone else’s brain. The story will find the scientist’s memory put into a younger woman’s body.

Reliant Pictures is interested enough to pick up an option on the script and stump up the cash to get it made. "The same way Tron was ahead of its time, this is way ahead of its time," Reliant chief Thom Mount gassed to Variety .

"Jess is not a film person - she was a fan - and that was refreshing," Lisberger told the trade mag. "She wasn't double-thinking what the audience wants, she was the audience "It was so exciting," he continued. "We knew were on the brink of something."

Let’s hope he has more luck this time, and it’s not End Of Line! (If you don’t get that, go and watch Tron).

source:( Variety )

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