Starfield's lighting will adapt to the planet you're on

(Image credit: Xbox)

Starfield has a brand new lighting system, and it adapts to the planet you're on.

Earlier today at the Starfield Direct, game director Todd Howard gave us a deep dive into Bethesda's new RPG. It turns out there's a brand new, next-gen lighting system in play for Starfield, and it dramatically adapts to the type of world you're on to render the world around you.

Starfield uses "real-time global illusion to light the world," Howard said, while adding that it'd light the world "based on the type of star and its atmosphere." That's a pretty mind-blowing detail, that Bethesda's brand new lighting initiative is going to change depending what type of planet you're on.

This means Starfield's lighting should look pretty different depending on where you're at in the galaxy. If you're on a planet that has toxic fumes for example, we can probably expect the lighting to be blown out and become a lot more intense as a result. It's a pretty neat little feature, and we're looking forward to seeing more of it.

Elsewhere in the new Starfield Direct, Bethesda revealed just how impressive Starfield's character creator truly is. It turns out the developer has scanned in a vast number of people from all backgrounds and walks of life for the new RPG, and as a result, the game's character creator and NPCs will look a hell of a lot more diverse as a result.

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