Starfield Reddit cracks down on increasingly absurd release date speculation

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To stem the tide of rampant rumor-mongering, the Starfield subreddit has cracked down with a single bucket where you can deposit all your release date speculation and false information.

We do not know precisely when the Starfield release date is. A support site page still says the game is set to launch in the first half of 2023, and that's the extent of the official information. Even the usual insiders don't have much to say on the subject. Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb said on a paywalled podcast (opens in new tab) a few days ago that Starfield could launch in June but that he "definitely" did not feel confident about it.

Adding to that, Microsoft has not provided any concrete idea of when to expect the big Starfield showcase it promised when the game skipped the recent Xbox Developer Direct. Now everyone's worried, and this environment rife with speculation has left community forums, like the Starfield subreddit, in a bit of a frenzied state.

Moderators of the subreddit report that they have removed a "massive amount of posts" violating various discussion rules recently, and in an effort to crack down, they've put together a "Release date speculation / False information Megathread (opens in new tab)" where you can finally recklessly speculate about the launch day to your heart's content.

"Please keep in mind we do still have rules on pure speculation," moderator Cyrus224 says. "If you are posting new information, use a real source and not 'my uncle's boss's cousin's brother just quit Bethesda' or 'this person on twitter with 6 followers who is a barista and totally heard Todd Howard say the release date'. (Yes, this was a post we removed.)"

According to the discussions, Starfield is set to release on January 2, March 3, March 21, June 29, June 31, sometime in September, and simply a day during the year. At least one of those dates does not exist, but hey, if you keep throwing out dates, one of them will eventually be correct.

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