Starfield Direct appears to confirm cutscenes for takeoff and landing during space flight

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The Starfield Direct appears to confirm that takeoff and landing takes place during cutscenes. 

During the lengthy look at Starfield, we got to see a lot more of the space-faring RPG, including a closer look at piloting the ship between Starfield star systems. One of the aspects of space flight many have been speculating on is whether or not we'll be in direct control when taking off and landing, or if it will take place during cutscenes. As we saw first-hand during the gameplay footage, it appears to be the latter, with footage showing off a cutscene when the ship takes off and lands. 

After we see the player-character enter the cockpit, we appear to see it followed by a cutscene that shows the ship lift off. Then, we hear more about the act of flying itself, which is said to be "exciting and dangerous", with Bethesda promising that "you should feel like you're in complete control every step of the way." 

We also got to see more Starfield ship customization features that will allow you to create the "ship of your dreams". With more insight into ship combat, the crew, and more, it looks like we'll have plenty of freedom as we take to the stars.  

In other news, Starfield is going full Star Trek with a space folding warp drive, and you can't go everywhere immediately, and robot companion Vasco will say your name

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