Starfield's character creator sounds hugely diverse

(Image credit: Xbox)

Starfield has an overhauled character creation system that sounds seriously detailed.

Earlier today at the Starfield Direct, we got a little preview of how the character creation system is going to function in the final game. Bethesda touted its capture scanning feature, saying that they'd scanned tonnes of people, from all different ages and ethnicities, into Starfield to better improve the character creator.

As a result, this gives you a far better level of control and detail in Starfield when generating your own character. In fact, Starfield will actually have 40 presets for characters when you go to create your own character for the very first time, and it sounds like each of them will be pretty distinctive.

What's more, Starfield's NPCs will be overhauled because of this detailed character creation system. It turns out every character is pretty much built with the same foundations and tools, so you'll be able to recreate any NPC you see out in Starfield's world right in the character creator.

Starfield's character creation system sounds like it'll be a more diverse end product, thanks in large part to the sheer number of people Bethesda has scanned in, and this seems to be a big positive for diversity and representation. We're honestly very intrigued as to just how many real-life people Bethesda has actually scanned in to create Starfield's character creation system and NPCs.

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Hirun Cryer

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