Stardew Valley mod adds taxation system, making it too much of a life sim

Stardew Valley
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This Stardew Valley mod aims to enhance the life sim whilst also making it all too real by adding new professions and a taxation system. 

As spotted by PCGamesN, there's currently a mod available via NexusMods which gives Stardew Valley a complete overhaul. Described by its creator DaLion as "modular", this mod is made up of several parts which when combined will "create an enhanced 'Vanilla+' experience. 

Appropriately named 'DaLion's Modular Gameplay Overhaul', this mod is made up of seven modules, all of which are configurable and can be toggled on or off in the game's menu. The first module, Professions, is the largest of the bunch and adds several new diverse jobs for players to choose from. This could be anything from Aquarist to Conservationist - both of which will work nicely with some of the mod's other modules. 

The mod also features an Arsenal module, which overhauls various aspects of both melee weapons and slingshots - giving players more choices than just the sword. It's also got the module Rings, which shakes up the Iridium Band in the game, not to mention Ponds (which is where the Aquarist profession comes in) that allows fish ponds to remember the qualities of the fish inside.

It also gives players the option of the Taxes module, for when they want the extra challenge of balancing the books of their farm; Tools which allows players to customize the farming tools in the game, and finally; Tweex, which acts as a repository for smaller tweaks and fixes.

Speaking of Stardew Valley and money, a few months ago we wrote about the Stardew Valley modder turning Pelican Town into a capitalist society by implementing fixes such as improving the price of fish, crops, mining, animals, and more. Both of these mods do a really good job at putting the "life" in life sim. 

Looking for more ways to shake up your farm? Take a look at our best Stardew Valley mods list. 

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