StarCraft II mooted for Xbox 360

Jan 3, 2008

Big hats of cynicism on, please; internet sites have gone wild with speculation that Blizzard's massive RTS StarCraft II will be making its way to Xbox 360 (and why not? Every other strategy game seems to be going console-bound these days).

The source of the rumour is a Microsoft Retail Zone quiz, which is apparently used to educate employees of electronic retail stores, the clever bunch.

One question asks retailers which feature defines the company's upcoming RTS Universe of War, and lists "tactical dynamics create the best RTS until Starcraft II," as one of the answers.

This has naturally sent internet conspiracy theorists to their rooftops, shouting confirmation of Blizzard's RTS will be coming to Xbox 360, though we're not quite convinced.

When contacted Activision Blizzard (we suppose we'll have to get used to calling it that) expectedly offered a "no comment," on the rumour, but considering the recent flood of PC strategy games coming to consoles we guess StarCraft II on consoles is at least plausible.

Command & Conquer 3 and Supreme Commander have both taken the trip to Xbox 360 and the original StarCraft too of course made its way to N64 and PSOne back in the day.

Considering it's also one of Blizzard's less patch-heavy titles we suppose it's also its most likely to come to consoles, but it's probably far too early for this report to be any indication.

Courtesy of CVG.