StarCraft II league makes funny commercials with Korean airline

You%26rsquo;ve likely seen a Korean Air ad or two. You know, those pretentious %26ldquo;artsy%26rdquo; ads filled with blue fabric and smiling, immaculately made-up female flight attendants? Yeah, those are meant for globetrotting, high-falutin%26rsquo; corporate types with money to burn for First Class seating everywhere. In its homeland, Korean Air%26rsquo;s ads are a bit more down-to-earth, particularly when the company enters a co-sponsorship %26ndash; in this case, with professional StarCraft league Ongamenet Starleague.

The first ad features a gaggle of adorable children talking about their future hopes and dreams:

The second ad features a student who seems strangely into his final exams:

Besides being hilarious, the ads serve as a reminder of just how big a deal StarCraft is in Korea. Remember, these ads aired on national TV. They assume that the broad Korean viewing audience knows and gets these references. Think about that for a minute %26ndash; even with how popular a game like Halo is here, would you see anyone (outside of maybe G4) airing a commercial for a Halo tournament with numerous references to game mechanics on primetime television?

Aug 5, 2010