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Star Wars: Rogue One’s screen crawl DOES exist (but we’re probably never going to see it)

That’s right. In a first draft far, far away Star Wars: Rogue One had the iconic screen crawl that was so sorely missing from the opening moments of Gareth Edwards’ movie. Don’t worry though, the director has a bombproof way of tracking down the absent opening crawl – we just need NASA’s help…

Having being asked on Reddit’s AMA just what an opening crawl in Rogue One would say, Gareth Edwards responded by mentioning that screenwriter Gary Whitta “wrote one in the first draft.”

It exists. So, how do we see it? Unfortunately, Edwards’ method was more playful than serious: “We just have to fund NASA well enough so their deep-space telescopes can find them, let’s crowd fund it and make it happen.”

Kickstarter for a giant opening crawl-finding telescope, anyone? It’s not the craziest thing ever put into space…

Image: Lucasfilm/ILM

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