Star Wars Battlefront DLC - Everything you need to know

Star Wars Battlefront is the closest you can get to living out the iconic battles from the Star Wars movies and beyond. The game was released with four environments and with twice as many maps, quite a small sampling of the galaxy far, far away. But that doesn't mean there isn't more coming. On top of a significant offering from the season pass, Star Wars Battlefront will be getting a smattering of free DLC here and there, offering players a chance to experience more of the new Star Wars universe as time goes on. Not all of the Battlefront DLC has been announced, and it can be a tad difficult to keep track of what's going on, so we've decided to make it simple and update this page with everything you need to know about the Battlefront DLC schedule.

Star Wars Battlefront DLC schedule:

Battle of Jakku

Available on Dec 2 for those who pre-ordered the game, and Dec 8 for everyone else, The Battle of Jakku DLC brings one new planet and two additional maps to the match rotation. Been wondering how those Star Destroyers ended up crash landed in The Force Awakens trailer? The DLC lets you see the battle first hand. 30 years before the events of The Force Awakens the Rebellion confronts the remnant of the broken empire at their weapons facility on Jakku resulting in a massive battle on the surface of the planet.

First expansion pack DLC Early 2016

There isn't any info on what will be included in first expansion pack, but there is a good chance it will include the planets and battles featured in The Force Awakens movie and possibly some of the new hero characters we will be introduced to. There also isn't a hard date set yet.

Here's what you get when you buy the Season Pass:

4 expansion packs
20 new items that include weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards
4 new heroes and villains
16 maps in new locations
4 additional game modes
"Shoot first" emote
Two week early access to all expansion packs

That's all we have right now. As soon as our Bothan spies turn up with more information on the upcoming DLC for Star Wars Battlefront we will post it here. So, stay tuned. We're only taking our first steps into a larger world.

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