Star Trek's Best Moments: The Ultimate Poll

Star Trek 's best moments poll.

Star Trek's best moments.

Across five TV series and 11 films, the Star Trek franchise has built-up scores of classic moments. In the lead-up to the release of Into Darkness we wanted to determine, once and for all, what are the very best of the best.

Back in January, we came up with some suggestions , and asked readers of our website and members of our forum to make their own nominations. We were overwhelmed by the response!

Having ploughed through them all and noted what was popular, we've drawn up a final shortlist of 75 for you to vote on. To help you keep track, we've numbered them 1-75 and ordered them by TV series/film (series first, followed by the films) - and on the next page you'll find a list that you can print out .

Once you've decided on your favourites, simply tick as many as 10 boxes , then click on "vote". NB: If you'd like to pick less than 10 options, you can do that too - you'll just have less impact on the results. All your selections will be counted equally - you can't put them in order of preference.

The results will form the basis of a feature in a future issue of SFX . If you'd like to leave a comment explaining any of your choices, feel free - we might use them in the mag!

IMPORTANT: You have precisely two weeks. The closing date for this poll is midday (UK time) on Monday 15 April . So get cracking!

Click on "Next" for a full list you can print out.


1. The death of Edith Keeler. (TOS, “City On The Edge Of Forever”)

2. Spock and Kirk fight to the death. (TOS, “Amok Time”)

3. Sulu's topless fencing. (TOS, “The Naked Time”)

4. Kirk’s “Risk is our business” speech. (TOS, “Return To Tomorrow”)

5. Kirk emerges from a massive pile of Tribbles. (TOS, “The Trouble With Tribbles”)

6. Our first sight of the goateed Mirror Universe Spock.

7. The look of delight on Spock's face when he sees that Kirk's alive. (TOS, “Amok Time”)

8. McCoy fixes the Horta: "I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!" (TOS, “Devil In The Dark”)

9. Kirk waits to be beamed off as the Doomsday Machine nears the Constellation. (TOS, “The Doomsday Machine”)

10. Kirk walks off the bridge after being called “Captain Dunsell”. (TOS, “The Ultimate Computer”)

11. Kirk explains the rules of “Fizzbin”. (TOS, “A Piece Of The Action")

12. The Fesarius fills the Enterprise’s viewscreen. (TOS, "The Corbomite Manouver")

13. The Romulan captain tells Kirk, "In a different reality, I could have called you friend.” (TOS, “Balance of Terror")


14. Riker unscrews Data's hand, then turns him off. (TNG, "The Measure Of A Man")

15. “I am Locutus of Borg...”/“Mister Worf – fire!” (TNG, “The Best Of Both Worlds Part One”)

16. Picard plays the Ressikan flute in his quarters. (TNG, “The Inner Light”)

17. Picard: “There are four lights!” (TNG, “Chain Of Command”)

18. Worf: ”Sir, I protest – I am NOT a merry man!” (TNG, "Qpid")

19. Picard joins in the poker game – “The sky’s the limit.” (TNG, “All Good Things”)

20. Data reads “Ode To Spot.” (TNG, “Schisms”)

21. Picard: "Let's make sure history never forgets the name Enterprise.” (TNG, “Yesterday's Enterprise”)

22. Picard breaking down in front of his brother. (TNG, "Family")

23. Q gives Data the gift of laughter. (TNG, “Deja Q”)

24. Tasha Yar’s hologram speaks at her memorial service. (TNG, “Skin Of Evil”)

25. Scotty enters a holodeck program of the original Enterprise bridge. (TNG, “Relics”)

26. Lal thanks Data for her life. (TNG, "The Offspring")

27. Picard’s final speech at the hearing to decide whether Data is property. (TNG, "Measure Of A Man")

28. Picard and Riker destroy the parasite-possessed Remmick. (TNG, “Conspiracy”)

29. Tasha Yar learns Data is "fully functional.” (TNG, “The Naked Now”)


30. Gul Dukat takes over DS9, and finds Sisko has left his baseball. (DS9, “Call To Arms”)

31. We discover Dr Bashir has been replaced by a changeling. (DS9, “In Purgatory's Shadow”)

32. The personal log that Sisko deletes. (DS9, “In The Pale Moonlight”)

33. A Jem'Hadar kamikaze attack destroys the Odyssey. (DS9, “The Jem'Hadar”)

34. O'Brien and co line-up and are grilled by Kirk. (DS9, "Trials And Tribble-ations")

35. Garak and Dukat fight side by side as Klingons attack DS9. (DS9, “Way Of The Warrior”)

36. “Those are Klingons?!” Worf: "We do not discuss it with outsiders!" (DS9, 'Trials And Tribble-ations'”)

37. The battle of Wolf 359. (DS9, “Emissary”)

38. O’Brien confesses a killing: “He was my best friend and I murdered him.” (DS9, “Hard Time”)

39. Vedek Yassim hangs herself. (DS9, “Rocks and Shoals”)

40. Worf yells, "Find him and kill him!" during a baseball game. (DS9, "Take Me Out To The Holosuite”)


41. Voyager crashes on an ice planet. (VOY, “Timeless”)

42. Voyager encounters 15 Borg cubes. (VOY, “Scorpion, Part One”)

43. Voyager’s crew watch the ship leave as they’re marooned. (Voyager, “Basics Part One”)


44. The Xindi probe attacks Earth. (Enterprise, “The Expanse”)

45. The opening titles get a Mirror Universe makeover. (Enterprise, "In a Mirror, Darkly Part One”)


46. Kirk and Scotty do a fly-by of the Enterprise. (The Motion Picture)


47. Chekov and Terrell have Ceti eels put in their ears. (The Wrath Of Khan)

48. The death of Spock. (The Wrath Of Khan)

49. Kirk's voice cracks as he delivers Spock's eulogy. (The Wrath Of Khan)

50. "KHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" (The Wrath Of Khan)

51. Kirk: “I don't like to lose.” (The Wrath Of Khan)

52. Khan: “From hell's heart I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!”


53. As Kirk steals the Enterprise, the Excelsior grinds to a halt. (The Search For Spock)

54. “You Klingon bastard, you’ve killed my son!” (The Search For Spock)

55. The destruction of the Enterprise. (The Search For Spock)


56. Spock nerve-pinches the punk on the bus. (The Voyage Home)

57. Scotty tries to talk to a computer by speaking into the mouse. (The Voyage Home)

58. Chekov asks for directions to the “nuclear wessels”. (The Voyage Home)

59. "Everyone remember where we parked!" (The Voyage Home)


60. Scotty: "I know this ship like the back of my hand" (THUMP!) (The Final Frontier)

61. McCoy relives the death of his father. (The Final Frontier)

62. Kirk: “I've always known I'll die alone.” (The Final Frontier)


63. The Klingons come to dinner. (The Undiscovered Country)

64. General Chang: "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!" (The Undiscovered Country)

65. Kirk: "Second star to the right… and straight on 'til morning." (The Undiscovered Country)


66. Data says “Oh, shit!” as the Enterprise heads for a crash landing. (Generations)


67. Riker: “Tough little ship” Worf: “Little?” (First Contact)

68. The Borg Queen’s head is lowered onto her body. (First Contact)

69. Picard loses it and smashes his “little ships”. (First Contact)

70. Data says, “Resistance is futile” before kicking some Borg Queen butt. (First Contact)

71. Zefram Cochrane shakes hands with a Vulcan. (First Contact)

STAR TREK (2009)

72. George Kirk flies the Kelvin into the Narada. (Star Trek - 2009)

73. Captain Pike dares Jim Kirk to “do better”. (Star Trek - 2009)

74. The destruction of Vulcan. (Star Trek - 2009)

75. Spock makes a suicide run/the Enterprise warps in to save the day. (Star Trek - 2009)

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