Star Fox DS in flight

Monday 7 August 2006
If you've been wondering how you're going to control an Arwing with the stylus in the upcoming DS title, Star Fox Command, this Japanese TV advert - which you can see by clicking the movies tab above - should clear a few things up for you.

Fox McCloud's debut on the Nintendo handheld is a flight-based combat game set in free-flying 3D arenas. It uses the DS touch screen to partly control the ships of McCloud and his interstellar band of mammal chums as they battle invaders to protect the Lylat system.

To boost forward players must double tap the top part of the screen, a double tap of the bottom part of the screen applies airbrakes and barrel rolls are executed by scribbling left and right. Firing is controlled by the d-pad and the shoulder button.

It's a similar combination of d-pad and touch-screen interface that was used in Metroid Prime: Hunters. It may take some getting used to, but Star Fox Command looks like it will reward gamers with some truly explosive action when it is released in October.