Stadia "is not shutting down," Google insists

Google Stadia
(Image credit: Google)

Amid a newly circulating rumor claiming the Stadia service is shuttering imminently, Google says the platform "is not shutting down" and promises "more great games" are on the way.

The admittedly shaky rumor was whispered by someone who claimed to be a friend and ex-coworker of a Google employee, who had purportedly heard that Stadia could be killed by the end of this Summer. The rumor was then shared by the prominent Twitter account Killed by Google and subsequently picked up by various outlets around the internet, despite Killed by Google admitting it was simply "shitposting" when it originally shared the rumor.

Still, the chatter was enough to concern one Google Stadia fan, who asked the platform's official Twitter account if there was any veracity to the claim and was lucky enough to receive an answer to the contrary. "Stadia is not shutting down," reads the reply from Google. "Rest assured we're always working on bringing more great games to the platform and Stadia Pro."

While Google definitively shut down the latest Stadia rumor, a far more reliable report from Business Insider claimed the company was "deprioritizing" the platform's consumer business to focus on securing white-label deals with brands including Peloton, AT&T, and more. Google has yet to respond to the report, which was first published back in February. Back in February 2021, it closed its first-party studios and abandoned plans for Stadia-exclusive games.

For an insight into what could've been had Stadia been more successful, you needn't look any further than Supermassive's most recent multiplayer horror hit, The Quarry.

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