SSX on its way to Wii

Thursday 7 December 2006
High-flying snowboarding series SSX is heading to Wii with SSX Blur, due for release in March 2007.

SSX Blur is a game developed exclusively for the Nintendo console by EA's Montreal studio, with producer Alex Hyder expressing that the idea behind the project was to "take the soul of the franchise - the air, the speed, the tricks, the fun - and Wii-ify it". That's right, "Wii-ify it".

Hyder promises that this Wii-ifying with be "reflected in the on-the-ground and in-the-air controls, the characters, the user interface, and every other aspect of this game".

Such Wii-ifying can be seen in the wonderful trailer housed up on our movies tab above, which shows that SSX Blur will have a more cartoony look to it than previous SSX games in the series.