SSX Defy Reality trailer defies reality

While we were excited by the return of SSX, the initial trailer didn't really do it for us. At the time it was called SSX: Deadly Descents, and it put a huge emphasis on reality, and the dangers of snowboarding. Oh, and there was a Call of Duty-style segment where the racer flew down a hill in a squirrel suit. Come on, EA! We don't want a PSA, we want an over-the-top extreme sports game!

Luckily, EA hears our cries, dropped "Deadly Descents" off the title, and brought back the SSX we love. Don't believe us? What if we told you it involved doing an upside down plant on a helicopter?

Thought so. It's still a ways away from SSX Tricky when it comes to silliness, but that's fine. This is the SSX we want. We want escapist fun, where we fly off a jump at break-neck speeds and doing insane tricks before smashing down a perfect landing. We want to spin so fast we get dizzy. We want, well, to defy reality, and it looks like the new SSX is actually going to do allow us to do that. We weren't too sure of the squirrel suit at first, but after seeing it here we're on board – anything that adds more insane tricks is cool in our book.

Sep 30, 2011

Hollander Cooper

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