SSX Blur exposed

Blur's soundtrack was composed, or, more accurately, built by remix guru, producer and composer Junkie XL who also spun at the event. The game contains five separate layers of music - at the top of the slope, you're only hearing the first layer, but as you start pulling off tricks and filling your Uber meter, more tracks kick in to funk up your groove. We couldn't actually hear the dynamic in-game soundtrack over the din of the plus-sized igloo's PA system, but what we heard from Junkie went well beyond the somewhat repetitive tracks (Tr-tr-tr-tricky!) of previous SSX games. Let's hope it sounds as good in our living rooms.

The graphics looked great, and though we're required to qualify that with "…for the Wii," we were impressed. The pristine mountain backdrops were beautiful, and various stylistic flourishes set Blur apart from the crowd.

Above: Little flourishes like sun flares helped us put aside the Wii's graphical limitations

SSX Blur will be released next month, and EA Montreal is confident that it will be the next must-have Wii game. We'll wait until then before making a definite verdict.

Aside from Blur, EA showed off a project that we can't tell you about just yet, but we'll have all the details when they're ready to let us spill them.