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Square Enix's Halo: Reach figures

A quick mosey around the San Diego Comic-Con may eventually lead you to visit booth 3829. What makes it so special? Well, how about a gander at Square Enix’s Play Arts -KAI- line of Halo: Reach action figures.

Speaking in a prepared statement, Kanji Tashiro, Merchandise Director of Square Enix, said, “…the Square Enix Merchandise Division is dedicated to creating collectible action figures that combine high production value and excellent articulation. The HALO series has captivated fans across the globe, and we are thrilled and honored to be making action figures for its latest entry. We’re confident that even HALO fans that are not familiar with our products will be pleasantly surprised with what we have crafted.”

The first line of these exquisitely detailed figures will include Noble Team members Noble Six, Emile, and Jun and will be released this fall via the Square-Enix website. A second line of figures including Carter, Kat, and Jorge will drop early next year. Check out the Halo Waypoint video below for a quick interview with the boys at Square-Enix and a peak at the new figures.

Above: That’s some serious articulation, buddy

Source:Halo Waypoint

Jul 23, 2010