Square Enix launching Winter of RPGs on PSN

Square Enix is injecting a little magic, spikey hair, and doe eyes into the holiday seasons with its launch of the Winter of RPGs campaign on the PlayStation Network. Starting next week, the studio will be releasing a handful of its most popular RPG titles into Sony's online store, beginning with time-bending sequel to Chrono Trigger.

First up for Sony and Square Enix's North American promotion is the PS1 sequel Chrono Cross, set to arrive on November 8. It will be followed by Bartz and company with Final Fantasy V on November 22, and later by the Esper-ific Final Fantasy VI (released in North America as FF III) on December 6.

“While you’re staying inside and out of the cold, icky weather, why not fire up your PS3 and play some classic RPGs?,” wrote Charles McCarter, Product Manager for Square Enix, on the US PlayStation Blog announcement.

The man makes a compelling argument. But then, most of us already have our hands (and precious gaming time) full with the countless other November releases. Will you be partaking in the PSN's old-school RPG festivities?

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