Spore will ship when it's done, says EA

Publisher EA reaffirmed that it will be releasing Will Wright's Spore sometime in the early fiscal 2009 timeframe (EA's fiscal 2009 runs from April 2008 through March 2009), but added that the game won't release before it's absolutely finished.

CEO John Riccitiello said (or perhaps bragged?) during a conference call Wednesday that both him and EA Games president Frank Gibeau are both playing Will Wright's hotly anticipated Spore and are "enjoying it a great deal."

"It's one of those breakthrough products that might come across the industry every three, five, seven years.... We could not be more bullish for the potential of the franchise as we are right now," said Riccitiello.

He said that he still expects the game to ship in the "March, April, May" 2008 timeframe. However, Ricitiello said, "We will make the choice of shipping a better game than an on-time game given the high potential for this franchise."

Source: Next Generation

August 2, 2007