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Sponsored: Ears on with Turtle Beachs Kilo and Tango headsets

Turtle Beach’s brand new Black Ops II headsets are certainly up at the premium end of the gaming market but we like to think we’re worth it, and so we could devise no finer test than to take them out onto the wilds of the internet and put them through their paces against real world gamers.

Both the Black Ops II Kilo and Tango phones ooze the kind of build quality and feel you’d expect from premium cans in this category. Both boast a good balance between audio and voice chat, great dynamic range, fierce explosive response and of all the headsets vying for your dollar this Christmas, these are certainly some of the most comfortable and dare we say it, stylish, that you could have caressing your earlobes.

But crucially do they confer any significant advantages in the heat of battle and what about the overall audio quality? Well, see each game report for our individual impressions, but whether you plump for the wired Kilos or the wireless premium Tangos, these are definitely the ones we’d hope to find underneath the tree when we wake up this Christmas morning.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The official game of both sets of headphones, the Kilo provides exceptional performance, but it’s here that the Tango really comes into its own with Dual-Band Wi-fi for interference free gaming, Dual Radio Bluetooth for totally Wireless Chat and 18 configurable pre-set channels (9 for PS3 and 9 for Xbox 360) all of which can be used to get perfectly balanced game audio, so you can totally customise your Black Ops II experience.

Switch between the modes for quiet sniper-style stalking, co-ordinating frantic assaults with your team-mates and for ultimate positional play. With great directional sound, you’ll be able to hear the pin (of a grenade) drop and they’re superb for always knowing just where your opponents are - or are going to be. These could be just the competitive edge you need to make you a score streak demon and the ultimate Black Ops II player.

Far Cry 3

Another hefty combat game where understanding the audio landscape can mean the difference between life and death. The Tangos were perfectly tuned for the stalking and hunting which forms the core gameplay of Far Cry 3’s lush jungle environments and the crystal clear audio meant we could turn from hunted to hunter in an instant. We’d never have heard the charge of that ferocious tiger without these babies and the Tangos truly enhanced the audio component of what was an already impressive game.


Putting the latest version of EA’s all conquering footy franchise through its paces with the Kilo headphones was an absolute ear-opener. Online, the sound quality was superb and the roar of the crowd as you score (or the groans and chants as you miss a sitter) brought a whole new dimension to the beautiful game.

In summary, both the Turtle Beach Black Ops II Kilo and Tango versions are audio dynamite. The build quality is top notch as you’d expect from premium headphones, but the sound quality is also immense and intense. For players looking to upgrade to something superior, the Kilo is a great buy, but for Black Ops II veterans looking to complete their ultimate gaming rig, the Tango offers all you could ask for and that little bit more to create and customise your phones for the perfect audio set up

Turtle Beach products are available from Zavvi