Splinter Cell is coming back - as a BBC radio play

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
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The BBC and Ubisoft are working together on an audio version of the latest Splinter Cell book, documenting Sam Fischer’s newest outing. 

According to the BBC, the adaption will be airing during December as an eight-part series that will follow the events of Splinter Cell: Firewall, the latest book in the series. The novel was penned by James Swallow and released in June 22, where it chronicled the newest adventure of Fischer.

Sadly, the special agent’s iconic voice, as portrayed by Michael Ironside, will not be returning to the production, as Andonis Anthony will be slipping on the tri-goggles. He will be playing an older Sam Fischer, who is tasked with training and recruiting the newest Splinter Cell operatives. The crux comes when that talent pool includes his own daughter.

The cast also includes Will Poulter in an undisclosed role, who said of the production: “It is taking the best of Splinter Cell and building on that to make something really well rounded.”

This isn’t the news Splinter Cell fans might be hoping for, as many will likely want to hear more about a new game altogether - however, there's content coming on that front in the future. The most pressing is the upcoming Splinter Cell remake. While we don't know too much about the game, we’ve recently caught our first glimpses of concept art, and it looks great. However, there's still no hint on how long we might be waiting to hear more. 

It’s also not clear if a true sequel to the series will ever come either. Sam Fischer has turned up in a lot of games not called Splinter Cell in recent years, including Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands. That said, if a new adventure ever does release, and takes place later in the timeline, this BBC radio play could end up being relevant. Especially as it follows Fischer's daughter’s rise through the Splinter Cell program, it leaves you to wonder if she’d feature in any future titles. You'd best listen to it, if you want to stay up to date with your Splinter Cell lore.

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