Splinter Cell Double Agent first footage

Ubisoft has today released the very first footage and confirmed the name of Sam Fisher's next adventure: Splinter Cell Double Agent.

As you already know Sam is doing stir for killing his daughter but this revealing trailer hints that his time in Cell Block H might all be a front for infiltrating a terrorist cell.

And while we are exploring the duality of Sam, the man himself will have choices to make thanks to a branching storyline and multiple endings that will rely on morality as much as gadgetry. So do you risk your cover to save innocent lives or execute civilians now to save millions later by foiling the terrorist threat?

Not that the old silver fox will be without NSA support and his trademark technology because, although his time in prison will see him rely more on his wits and soap-dodging skills, the later levels set in Iceland, Mexico and Africa will allow you to skydive and scuba dive.