Spies, lies, sleuths and... bees?

Someone obviously decided it was trailer week, as we have no less than four promos for you today, with the promise of another (Roland Emmerich’s 10,000 BC) online tomorrow.

But for now, here’s Steve Carell slipping into the suit of agent Maxwell Smart, a man dedicated to saving the world from the agents of K.A.O.S. Trouble is, Smart’s not exactly the world’s, er, smartest thinker, so he’ll need all the wits of his partner, Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) to help him stay alive, let alone complete his mission. Check out the footage here .

Also arriving is the first look at Paul Haggis’ latest prestige project (you know, the stuff he does these days in between script doctoring Bond movies). In The Valley Of Elah is the story of war vet Tommy Lee Jones and his mission to go looking for his missing soldier son. It looks like Oscar-pleasing stuff, so view it here .

On a very different scale is Kenneth Branagh’s latest, which finds Michael Caine and Jude Law going head-to-head in a remake of one of Caine’s previous appearances, Sleuth. It features a war of wits between Caine’s smooth rich house owner and the charming yet sleazy actor (Law) who wants to run off with his wife. Double-and-triple-crosses ahoy in this intriguing drama, and you can have a look here .

Finally, the movie that Jerry Seinfeld dressed up in a stupid costume at Cannes to generate a little buzz (sorry) for. After months of live-action silliness, Bee Movie has a proper animated trailer and you can fly over to it here .

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