Spider-Man: Homecoming’s final trailer is the best yet: new fights, spider gadgets, and the 'training wheels' protocol

The final trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming is amazing. Take all of the best bits from the previous trailers, add in a sprinkle of Donald Glover, a dash of a new Vulture action scene, and a generous helping of new Stark gizmos (including a Spider-Parachute!) and you’ve got all the making of an MCU classic. July 7 can’t come soon enough.

The trailer tracks Tom Holland’s Peter Parker on his journey from becoming a temporary Avenger to reverting back to normie superhero life: helping old ladies, stopping bike thieves, that sort of thing.

Spidey, though, gets ambitions above his superhero station which, somewhat inevitably, ends in a crushed treehouse and screaming children. I hate it when that happens. He’s not quite the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man we know and love just yet.

As for the new stuff, Donald Glover pops up out of the blue – just who could he be playing? – Vulture swoops down and takes the webhead for a sky-ride which requires a bit of Stark ingenuity to get out of. Oh, and if you ever wondered how many web shooter combinations Spider-Man’s suit has, it’s 576. Don’t tell me you never learn anything by watching movie trailers.

Image: Marvel

Bradley Russell

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