Spelunky 2 PC release date set for 2 weeks after PS4

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The Spelunky 2 PC release date is official, and it won't wait long to follow PS4 into the depths.

Developer Derek Yu revealed on his official Twitter account that Spelunky 2 is headed to PC on September 29, and fans can add it to their Steam wishlist right now. That will follow two weeks after the Spelunky 2 PS4 release date of September 15. As far as timed exclusives go, that isn't a bad wait.

Granted, you may still want to pick it up on PS4 first if you're drawn to the prospect of finding all the secrets for yourself. Yu was not optimistic about how long the game's mysteries will last against the onslaught of Spelunky's dedicated players.

"I never hold out much hope for my intentionally-hidden secrets to last long, especially since Spelunky has a community of dedicated players now," Yu told GamesRadar's Alex Avard in a recent interview. "I'd be happy for those secrets to last a few months. I can't say for sure! That's the exciting thing about releasing a game, especially a roguelike-inspired one – it's hard to know what's going to happen to it once it's out of your hands."

Still, the most basic joy of learning the game for yourself - and experiencing ever more new ways to die in completely preventable catastrophic chain reactions - is where it's really at. And judging by how many hours I sank into the original Spelunky before I ever even made it to Olmec, I'm looking forward to doing it all over again.

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