Spall spills on Harry Potter split

Timothy Spall may have confirmed the Deathly Hallows split rumour in a recent interview with moviehole .

After confirming that he would be in future Potters: "Well I'm actually.... yes... I'm in the next one and I'm also in the one at the end - I have a very big scene in that."

Spall said:"I think they might be shooting two of them back-to-back - hard to know though, what with this writer's strike and all. They're shooting the penultimate one at the moment - which I have a brief appearance in it. I should be doing that soon."

It's the "two of them" bit that makes us wonder. He's in the next one - book six, The Half-Blood Prince, currently shooting - which leaves...well, one more, surely?

So will The Deathly Hallows be split in two? Get on our forum and tell us what you think, after reading the full story at moviehole .

Source: ( Moviehole )