Space Chimps

There just aren't enough games starring monkeys. So, you'd be forgiven for not breaking out in cartwheels over another movie tie-in, but at least Space Chimp is here to fill that void. You'll play as Ham III (voiced in the film by Andy Samberg, ofDick in a Boxfame), goofball grandson of the first monkey shot into space.

Never mind the real inaugural star chimp suffocated to death, or any residualcontroversysurrounding the jettisoning these adorable organ-grinders into space like intergalactic canaries. This is light-hearted kiddy fare, after all, and Ham’s turn behind the rocket’s wheel gets him saddled with overthrowing an alien tyrant.

But we were happy to be informed that most of this unabashed little platformer, if not all, will take place in the otherworldly reaches of space. The large map we demoed had a fairly unique style going for it.The detail visible in the overgrown, pastel flora added just the right amount of charm to otherwise run-of-the-mill platforms, obstacles and vines. It really is acandy-coated eyeful, and the scenery on display looked almost edible enough to earn its own wing in the Wonka factory.