Soulcalibur V in slow motion is probably the most beautiful thing you'll see today

Soulcalibur V looks amazing. And there's so much to see, whether it's the fluidity of the cloth physics, subtlety of the lighting effects or just the beautiful animation. Problem is, the game moves so fast, you don't really have time to appreciate every nuance because you're too busy trying to keep up with it all. So we've slowed the game down in this video to allow you some time to coo over the little details. We did.

The music is called SOULCALIBUR V Ending Theme (catchy title), composed by Jillian Aversa and Cris Velasco with the vocal performed by Jillian. It plays over the end credits in the game, which is out today in the US, so look out for our review very soon.

And if you like this slow-motion malarky, we have more! First, you should check out The awesome beauty of games captured in slow-motion, then perhaps Bayonetta's sexiest moves. There's also Marvel vs Capcom 3 in slow-motion, which looks frankly amazing. Some things are worth taking your time over.

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Justin Towell

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