Sorry, most of the world. Prince of Persia HD collection confirmed, but exclusive to PS3. And Europe.

Thanks, Ubisoft!

Above: The Sands of Time

In a piece of strategy on a par with Hitler's Russian holiday, Ubi has decided to release one of the most requested of this generation's upcoming HD collections only on the PS3 and only in Europe.To be fair,the 360's disc space issue is perhaps rearing its mother-love-exclusive head again. The 360 is getting Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil HD edition of course, but that's just one game, and it's coming via download. The PoP set would likely require three DVDs on the 360, which is obviously a fatter manufacture and packaging overhead than a single Blu-ray.

Above: Warrior Within

It's doubtful though, that said overheads would eat up any and all profit projected for a 360 version. And they certainly don't explain the geographical cock-block. Though there was that rumor the other weekabout Yves Guillemot and that rare tropical disease which makes him allergic to money...

Above: The Two Thrones

One other point of note though. If you've played through the brilliant-though-not-literally Warrior Within, you might notice that its notoriously gloom looks perhaps a little less gloomy in the HD collection screenshot. The colours are more vibrant, and the lighting certainly looks to have been given a boost. What do you reckon?

Oh, and I nearly forgot. The HD trilogy is going to be playable in 3D. So, you know, yay. 3D.

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