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Sorcery trailer tells us a bedtime story

Cranky trolls, sassy cats, and Nightmare Queens populate the newest trailer for Sorcery. See how Sony's long-awaited fantasy game might put the PS Move back on the radar – and why kindly old wizards should get more voice work – in Sorcery's latest video:

Sorcery is being developed by SCE Santa Monica in association with The Workshop. It stars a well-meaning wizard's apprentice who inadvertently begins a magical apocalypse only he can set right with the powers in his possession. GR recently spent time waggling our way to redemption in the game's demo, and found it could teach J.K. Rowling's boy wizard a thing or two about motion controls. Relive our journey in Sorcery preview - Sony’s magic wand-wielding Move title shows Harry Potter how it’s done.

Sorcery brings eternal night to PS3 on May 22 in North America, May 23 in the UK.

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