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Sony sued over Blu-ray tech

Sony Computer Entertainment is once again caught up in another legal battle, this time over technology used on its Blu-rays discs.

Californian company Target Technology has taken action against Sony, claiming its technology is being used in the thin alloy film coating on Sony's Blu-ray discs.

The company has filled the lawsuit against SCEA, Sony Pictures and Sony DADC, with claims that the Blu-ray discs infringe a patent filed by Target Technology in 2006 entitled "Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium."

Target seeks to receive damages from Sony.

This is not the first time Sony has been in trouble over its tech, having recently been forced to pay $97 million in damages to Immersion Corporation after loosing a legal dispute over the force-feedback technology used in the Dual Shock 2 controller.

May 25, 2007