Sony shelves plans for Euro 20GB PS3?

Sony is taking a wait and see approach before announcing any plans to release the 20GB PS3 in Europe. It was revealed yesterday that the 20GB model was taken off the US consumer website Sony Style, leading many to believe (us included) that the smaller 20GB model's days are numbered in the US.

Speaking to CVG, Sony UK explained, "With regards to the 20GB model taken off Sony Style - it's only applicable to the US market as it was never released [in Europe]."

The chances of the 20GB PS3 being released across the pond are getting slimmer and slimmer. European gamers shouldn't expect to see the smaller hard drive model any time soon, unless there's suddenly massive demand for its release. But seriously folks,if you're going to shell out that amount of money for a console, you really should do it right and fork out for the 60GB model. It'll save you money in the long run.

"We'll continue to monitor demand for the 20GB model, from a consumer and retailer perspective... which will be factored into any future Euro launch plans," Sony told CVG.

Above: European types may never get the pleasure of unwrapping an itty bitty 20GB PS3

April 11, 2007