Sony quietly kills the PlayStation Store's most annoying 'feature'

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony seems to have quietly stopped sending email receipts for free games and DLC claimed through the PlayStation Store.

As first spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle and a number of observers on Reddit, the latest batch of free PS Plus games doesn't appear to be sending email receipts like the service did with all previous releases. It's unclear whether Sony has formally ended receipts for free games and DLC or if it just hasn't been sending them out in error, but we can confirm we aren't getting them either. We've reached out to PlayStation for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

It's always felt a bit strange getting a receipt for something you paid zero money for and only downloaded as part of a limited-time promotion. However, as some people are pointing out, the receipts could theoretically serve as useful proof that a product was claimed should you ever run into funny business with licenses. Most reckon that this is really only a concern with Essential-tier games, which are supposed to be tied to your account until you unsubscribe, whereas Extra and Premium-tier games go away once they leave the subscription library itself. 

In all likelihood, it's unlikely anyone will run into an issue where PlayStation tries to quietly axe some free Essential games, and if they ever did, it's even less likely that an email receipt is going to stop them. I certainly don't need a paper trail between me and the free digital games I'm essentially just borrowing, so this is nothing but good news in my view.

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