Sony partners with IGA for in-game ads

Sony has announced a partnership with in-game advertising firm IGA Worldwide approving the delivery of dynamic ads to PS3 games.

The in-game ad specialist is the first outside agency to receive approval to deliver in-game ads to the platform.

As opposed to static advertisements, dynamic ads allow companies to change their advertisements on a regular basis, opening up new revenue sources. Technology even enables advertisers to place new ads in already completed games and back catalog titles.

Dynamic networks used by in-game advertising companies can also be used to monitor player behavior data. For example, ads placed in game environments can be used to monitor the popularity of in-game locations.

"The PS3 platform is primed to leverage the high growth potential of the in-game advertising market," said Phil Rosenberg, senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"Ads that are organic to the environment not only benefit developers and advertisers, but also create a richer experience for gamers."

IGA Worldwide CEO Justin Townsend added, "PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly the prime opportunity for the in-game advertising industry. Through this partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment, IGA can provide advertisers with a large and valuable global user base of 16-35 year old consumers with disposable income."

Forbes is also reporting that in-game ad firm Double Fusion is believed to be ironing out its own deal with the Sony.

Microsoft-owned Massive already powers in-game advertising on the Xbox 360 platform.

While in-game advertising is still in its infancy, generating $54 million in 2006, Parks Associates estimates that the market could be worth $800 million by 2012. The Yankee Group says it could value $971.3 million by 2011.

Courtesy of Next Generation (opens in new tab).

Jun 5, 2008