Sony launching 'Music Unlimited,' a PS3, PSP compatible music service - will it fail as hard as Connect?

At a media event in Berlin, Sony has announced a new music servicewhichwill allow users to download and play songs directly from their PS3 and PSPs. This comes a couple years after Sony completely crashed and burned with its previous service, Connect, which also encouraged PSP connectivity. Did it learn from its mistakes?

The new service is called Music Unlimited, and it will allow users to access their music library from "the cloud" on any advanced Sony device. This includes Bravia TVs, Sony Ericsson phones, Blu-ray players, and the PS3/PSP systems.

Above:A shot fromEngadget, taken during Sony's reveal

This is all part of a giant initiative from Sony to bring multimedia services across a range of its internet-connected devices - the entire service is called Qriocity and will also include streaming video. So what's the master plan?Well, obviously, it's for you to buy every single one of your electronic devices from Sony. And if you don't, Sony will hunt you down. Maybe.

The Music Unlimited service will apparently have millions of songs available right out of the gate. We are, of course, a bit skeptical after the Connect debacle. After all, hundreds of thousands of users found their entire library of purchased songs unusable the last time they paid Sony for digital music. Yes, I'm a bitter ex-Connect user myself, if you were wondering.

Above: Sony's old Connect service. If you don't recognize this, consider yourself lucky

The Qriocity service is available immediately on Sony Bravia devices in the UK and is expected to make its way across all devices and all regions in the coming months.

What we'd really like to see are more video game soundtracks available on the PS3. We won't hold our breath for that, though.

[Source: Engadget]

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