Sony eyeing holographic tech for PS3

Motion sensing may be the next great videogame evolution, but according to SCEE's studio director Mike Hocking, Sony could soon be taking the next, next step with holographics.

Digging deeper intotoday's interview with Develop,Hocking emphasized Sony's commitment to utilizing 3D in every conceivable way, explaining: %26ldquo;We also have techniques like holographics for the PS3 that I think will be very interesting for the future 3D games.%26rdquo;

Specifically, explained Hocking, Sony is working on holographic technology that would allow multiple gamers to play on one screen with each seeing something entirely different than other. On this and other future projects, Hocking said, %26ldquo;This isn%26rsquo;t just about adding 3D to the PS3 %26ndash; there%26rsquo;s a whole wave of new technologies and techniques that make use of 3D and the 3D hardware that we can use to enhance our games with in the future.%26rdquo;

Sounds exciting, but don't expect a PlayStation HoloMove to be rolled out at E3 anytime soon.And, of course, don't expect that this means Sony is buildingvolumetric displays, as seen in every other sci-fi film ever - that's not quite the kind of holography it's referring to. Unless it is, in which case, can we have one so we can use it for future chess, its most obvious application?

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